Locked Down in Italy – Day Three



Thursday – March 12, 2020

As someone who is used to walking about five miles a day, staying at home today was an experience.  And I learned a bit about myself, too.

My grade school teacher, Miss Bessie Mae Brown, used to say “character is what you are in the dark.”  Well, Miss Bessie Mae, your former pupil is a slob.

  • I haven’t had a bath, combed my hair, or brushed my teeth all day.  I’m still wearing the clothes I slept in.  And I don’t care.Bruschetta
  • When I woke up, I grabbed my phone and started playing Free Cell.
  • I haven’t looked at a clock all day.  And I just eat when I feel like it.
  • I have a cheap streak.  I carefully examined the bowls of fresh produce here, looking for things that might not last another day, and that’s what I ate.  I made bruschetta out of ripe tomatoes (with olive oil, Sicilian rock salt, garlic, basil, and onion).   Yay, me!
  • I tried to read a book but the landlord’s taste in books is depressing.  I put them back on the shelf and turned my attention from literature to Facebook and Twitter.
  • I gave myself a pedicure using only cuticle nippers, an emery board, and a toothpick.  Those were the only tools available, and it turned out ok.

My brain stayed active, however.  I’m trying to decide whether to stay or go.  And, if I go, where to go.  Noodling around on the Internet, emailing with friends, and exchanging messages on various messaging applications, it came down to this:

  1. Stay here.  What’s the rush?  I’ve paid for the month and I’m cheap.  (See above.)
  2. Go to the US.  But that seems dumb.  No, let’s hold off on that option.
  3. Go home to Thailand.  I spent half the day sorting through mountains of rumours and whispers about new regulations, trying to make sure I can get back in.  I asked my church if they will bring me food if I have to self-quarantine for two weeks.  Yes!!  They will.  Thank you, Jesus.  Thailand is looking good.

Here are some of the dumb responses I got from well-meaning friends and acquaintances:

  • Go to the Thai Embassy.  Hello.  That’s in Rome.  Do you think I’m stupid?
  • Go to the US Embassy.  Hello.  Also in Rome.  Still not stupid.  There’s a US Consulate in Naples but that’s mainland Italy.  I’m in Sicily.  Sicily is an island.  So, yeah, no.

Sicily is an island.

One especially enlightened US friend cautioned me against going to Thailand as their medical infrastructure might not have what I need during a pandemic.  Remind me how we are friends, you ethnocentric moron.  Thailand, by the way, though sharing a border with China, has fewer than 60 COVID-19 cases–less than Massachusetts–and is one of the world’t top medical tourism destinations.  Maybe I should unfriend him.  I’m undecided.  Should I?

We're #1

Day Three – 5:58 pm  Laundry


It’s early, I know.  But I made all that bruschetta today, wrote a blog post, did the laundry (forgot to mention that!), and gave myself a pedicure.  That’s a lot in one day for a lazy, sit-on-the-couch, good-for-nothing, slob.

I’m giving myself permission to go to bed when I feel like it.  Which is pretty much now.  Don’t be disappointed in me, Miss Bessie Mae.  You still make me want to be a better woman.


As always, thanks for reading.




  1. This made me laugh out loud. I thought I was the only one who was “dressed” when I got out of bed lol. Okay, you need a library card so you can just download books to your kindle or listen to audio books, read magazines or even watch movies. Much better than relying on what the landlord has available.


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