Festival of Lights 2018

Calendar of Events, Nov. 20 – 23


Light up Chiang Mai – Every night, from 7pm until 10pm, the skies will be illuminated by komloy,  colorful lanterns, and a full moon.

University students will light candles along the Ping River, area bridges, and the moat. Surviving portions of the ancient wall around the Old City will be lit with tea lights.

Special Events – Many temples will have their own ritual ceremonies. Most hotels and restaurants will have their own ticketed events.

Tuesday, November 20th

First Opening Ceremony – 6pm

Lighting of candle trays and lanterns (a traditional worshiping ritual) and traditional dance at Three Kings Monument Plaza (inside Old City). 

Candle Tray Lighting – 7:30pm until 11pm

Lighting candle trays to worship Buddha, around moat (surrounding Old City) at all city fortresses.

Monk Lighting Candle

Wednesday, November 21st

Second Opening Ceremony – 6pm

Opening ceremony for Yee Peng Festival 2018 at Thapae Gate (east wall of Old City).

Thapae Gate

Miss and Mr. Yi Peng Contest – 7pm

Thai ladies and men take part in beauty contest following the opening ceremony at Thapae Gate.

Miss and Mr. Yi Peng Contest

Thursday, November 22nd

Krathong Making Contest – 9am until 3pm

All-day krathong making contest at Chiang Mai Municipality Office (west of the Ping River).

Release Krathong Sai Lanna – 7pm and 10pm

Release of Krathong Sai Lanna on riverbank at Chiang Mai Municipality Office (west bank of Ping River).

Cultural Performances – 7pm until 10pm

Folk and contemporary dancing at Chiang Mai Municipality Office. 


Friday, November 23rd

Grand Krathong Parade – 7pm until 11pm

Procession begins at Thapae Gate and continues across the city to Chiang Mai Municipality Office.

Fireworks – 7:30pm and 9:30pm*

Fireworks display in honor of HM The King at Chiang Mai Municipality Office on Ping River.

Fireworks in Honor of HM the King


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