Finding My Sweet Spot


Deciding where to live in Chiang Mai has been an exciting adventure. I did so much research before I left the states I thought I knew exactly where I wanted to live. Just to be cautious, I booked an apartment for just one month.

Here were the choices:


Having lived in Old Town Alexandria, I equated the Old City to Old Town, Nimmanhaemin (Nimman, for short) to Del Ray, and the Ping River to Washington Street.

It didn’t take me long to decide that Nimman was the place to be in Chiang Mai. Hip, slick, and cool, why wouldn’t I want to be in the middle of all that awesomeness? They even have a hair salon called New York New York! Noodling around on Airbnb led me to the perfect apartment.


It didn’t disappoint. It looks exactly like the photo and the landlord, stayinchiangmai, is fabulous to deal with and hyperresponsive to my every need.  I need a bigger apartment (translation:  walk-in closet, pool, enclosed shower) but it was great for a month.

I arrived on March 14th–my birthday–and quickly found a Rotary Club, a church, the expats club, and even a book club. Life became active and sometimes busy. I made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and started going out a lot. Nearly everything I do is on the other side of town. Doctors, restaurants, book stores, the Night Bazaar, grocery stores, coffee shops, hotels, the Sunday Walking Street, and malls, too. I’m always going across town.

So next week I’m saying goodbye to hip, slick, and cool Nimman and becoming an outsider (Outside the Old City – West of the Ping.).  Wait ’till you see my closet!


  1. I m so enjoying your writings ……I have been saving Frequent Flyer points and almost have first class . Which airline did u fly and to where .
    I may may consider visiting next December . Just Maybe!!!!!

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